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  1. KHE Mac 2 Folding BMX Tyre 20 x 2.1
  2. KHE Mac 2s: light but do they last?
  3. KHE Mac 2+ Premium Park Folding Tyre Black Inch £

The tread is supposed to be nice too for park and other freestyle applications. Cost for one. These babies are pricey.

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  • Best Street MTB Tires - The Rise?

Another is durability. Other reviews say these concerns are overblown pardon the pun and that they hold up just fine as long as they are inflated to the recommend PSI. The street riders i know who have used the catch a lot of flats though.. Once I got them sorted they do make quite a difference to how the bike feels, especially in the air. Well, I bought mine a while back and inflate them to around psi which is hard and makes them fast.

KHE Mac 2 Folding BMX Tyre 20 x 2.1

Bought some for my son. He rides a lot of dirt and street. Constant flats!!! Zero flats and great tires. Or having to walk his bike for miles because he was off street riding somewhere a got a flat. I have never had a flat with these tires will not run anything else. I have mixed feelings about them. I ran KHEs on my 20 for awhile and hated them. I might give them a try to see how it effects the ride. I have been running them on my model-C for months now.

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  2. Khe Mac 2 Park Folding 26x Tyre £!
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  7. Tire was actually ok, but the explosion broke 4 spokes. I usually deflate them a bit when I throw my bike in my car, just to be safe. I ran these on my USB molly… wow super fast, extremely light and they grip extremely well.

    KHE Mac 2s: light but do they last?

    They will eventually exlode off of the rims… the runaway was worse than the hazard. When considering a front tire blowout they are too dangerous for me to trust. I have run those too those explode too except for the mac dirt… never had a problem with those. It is very light too. If your fork and frame can fit the tire get them!!! Ran 24s at max rated psi — averaged one flat per week; two exploded tires and tubes while parked; sadly, 24s are too dangerous for urban riding. Prices are subject to change at any time. Buy quickly to guarantee your lower price.

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    KHE Mac 2+ Premium Park Folding Tyre Black Inch £

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